Data is key for optimal business processes and operational efficiency in organizations, Kontenix helps companies in Latin America to identify and describe items, suppliers, and people supported by standards such as ISO 8000 (data quality), ISO 8000-115 (quality identifiers), authoritative identifiers for clients and suppliers (in consideration for ISO 8000-116), and ISO 22745 (open technical dictionaries, exchange of master data).


Kontenix was born in 2003 from the experience gained during the operation of an Internet Marketplace focused on the Latin American market. Multiple sellers and buyers participated in this Marketplace, which generated the need to improve the descriptions and information of the articles published in the portal. For this, processes and tools were developed which have been improving and adapting since then to the current needs of the market and international standards.

Initially Kontenix concentrated on cataloging to support eProcurement processes, however over time and responding to the market, we focused on projects to standardize and clean material masters in ERP's.

Kontenix in its processes takes advantage of data dictionaries based on ISO 22745 and generates ISO 8000-110 master data.

To date, items have been cataloged, cleansed, and standardized in industries such as Steel, Beverage, Automotive, Telecommunications, Retail, Mining, etc.

Kontenix is a pioneer in data cataloging services since 2003 and the first company in Mexico with personnel certified as ISO 8000-110 Master Data Quality Manager.

A world where master data does not have to be re-captured by each company in the supply chain that requires it in their systems and processes.

Create internal knowledge in organizations that allows the creation, and maintenance of master records and descriptions of items using ISO 8000 and involving suppliers and manufacturers.