ISO 8000 Master Data

Does your material master comply with ISO 8000?
Do you receive the specifications of the materials you buy from your supply chain?

Why ISO 8000

ISO 8000 is the new and powerful standard for data quality! For the first time, the world has a complete standard for data quality that covers the exchange format, provenance, accuracy and integrity.

Data and quality of information are widely recognized problems in large and small companies. Incomplete or duplicate records, descriptions of poor quality as well as inaccurate information cause inefficient allocation and use of resources. This can mean up to a 20% increase in direct and indirect costs.

Poor quality data are an obstacle to effective commercialization and the main cause of transparency problems that raise the cost of regulatory compliance.

The roots of ISO 8000 are based on cataloging, the process of describing an article based on its characteristics, as opposed to its identifiers. Descriptions based on characteristic data allow to understand why things are the same or different, and if so, to what extent.

How ISO 8000 can help in your organization

Common language

Standardized descriptions to create a common language through all logistics operations

Validation and enrichment

Incorporation of your supply chain in the validation and enrichment of the material master

Quality part numbers

ISO 8000-115 identifiers for visibility to whom each part number corresponds

More efficient purchases

Visibility of the minimum technical specifications to buy, compare, replace, and reduce duplication of each item

Quality in the materials master

Improvements in the quality of descriptions and master records when applying the principles of ISO 8000 and ISO 22745

ISO 8000 MDQM certified personnel

Responsible for the administration of data masters with knowledge of ISO 8000

Supply chain efficiency

Correct and standardized data of materials and suppliers

Business partner identifiers

ISO 8000-116 for identifiers of your business partners, authentication of their name and legality

Generate the necessary knowledge in your organization to standardize and maintain your material master

We help you to have your own data team standardize and clean the material master using the principles of ISO 8000 and to incorporate these practices into your item creation process.

Take advantage of our Kontenix cataloging tool to maintain your corporate dictionary, cataloging templates, items catalog, validation process with suppliers, etc.


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